Bring the fun factor to your Q&A sessions with Mic Roulette!

Delegates tap the mic icon on their phone to request the mic to ask a question

Delegates names automatically get added to the list and you have the ability to block people if you require.

We spin through the collected names, selecting somebody at random

We let the delegate know they have been selected and that a roaming microphone is on the way

We have a live display showing who is currently asking a question

and Mic Roulette

1. Mic Roulette helps manage your Q&A sessions by automatically building a list of everyone who wants to use the microphone rather than having people have to put up hands and hope to get seen

2. Injects an element of fun into the session by randomly picking a delegate to ask a question

3. Allows control of the session by allowing you to block people renowned for difficult and taxing questions that divert away from the message of your event

4. We recommend alternating questions from the floor via the microphone to questions typed in via the app to ensure everyone’s question gets heard

5. Microphone is compatible with all versions of Android and iPhones on iOS 11 and above

6. Mic Roulette is included on all Involved events with the complete package

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